About Lazy Daisy

Welcome, friends. Lazy Daisy’s Garden Gazette features my thoughts on gardening and life. I’ve been raising vegetables for ten years or so, squeezing in time between kids, career and all the rest of life. Don’t we all?

What I’ve learned is that gardening — like a lot of hobbies — takes as much time as you wish to devote. You can spend 15 minutes, or you can spend all day. From the name, you can probably guess that my approach is to set up my beds, throw in some seed, water once a day, and let nature do the rest.

If you want intensive instruction or secret techniques, this may not be the blog for you. I simply chart my year in the garden and mention gardening events in my community. Comments and suggestions are infrequent, but always welcome.

Besides Lady Daisy’s Garden Gazette, I also blog about dragons and my career as a fantasy writer. If you like to read fantasy, please check it out. Otherwise, I hope we’ll all have a bit of fun together.


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