September 24, 2015


I would say I skipped last week because it’s time for the fall slowdown, but that would be fibbing. I actually got lazy. Yes, the school year started and my schedule has been all over the place. That doesn’t mean my garden can do without me. If the weather holds as it usually does, I have close to a month left before it goes to bed for the winter.

No rest for the wicked, in other words.


Although I did enter my yarrow and coneflowers in the Interstate Fair, I never made it in to see how I did. If I actually got a ribbon, it will be mailed to me. But I’m sorry to miss the floral display, which I’ve enjoyed in past years.


Despite my own least efforts, the takedown process does continue. Just one of my cucumbers has a fruit left growing. The others are down from the trellis. In Bed 4, I cut back the overgrown coleus and foxgloves. Now the smaller perennials can get some sun before they have to go dormant.

In the main vegetable garden, I’ve begun clearing parts of the grid and seeding with buckwheat as a cover crop. Since so much of the garden was really hit hard by intense heat, it isn’t a tough job to pull things out this year. On the other hand, some of my sunflowers blew down on a recent blustery day. They practically pulled themselves out!


Over the next few days, I expect to clear away all but the tomatoes and maybe one hot pepper. The bush beans are still bearing, so I’ll let them be a while longer.

Indoor Forest

The echeveria leaf I was trying to sprout has come through. Two tiny, lavender-tinged clusters are peeking out from the parent leaf. I also salvaged a stem from a trailing sedum and I have that inside sprouting.


Those hens have gotten quite used to my yard now. They seem to wander down the alley most mornings. Even when we have the gate shut, they flutter over the fence. So far I don’t mind, though they did pull down one of my tomatoes for a snack, and they seem to have excavated a sort of dust wallow. The bird netting might have to come back out, I guess. On the other hand, I do get to collect some manure and add it to my compost heap.

Until next week, enjoy to fall weather.


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