September 9, 2015


Ah, the harvest. Tonight I brought in my one butternut squash, several large carrots, and a cup of fresh beans from the garden, and roasted them along with potato chunks in butter with rosemary and black pepper. With apple slices and gouda cheese it made a perfect, simple supper with the freshest food available. What could be better?


Setup day for the floral competition at the Interstate Fair is next Tuesday. I’m holding myself back from cutting any flowers too soon. Wish me luck!


Fall cleanup is under way, starting with the blackberry patch. I’ve cut back the canes that fruited this year, and tied up the new ones growing. I even cut a few thicker sections and jammed them into my compost, to create air pockets.

In a pleasant surprise, one of my neighbor’s boys brought me over a pot of hen-and-chicks from their yard. I’ve tucked them into a bare spot where they balance the hen-and-chicks I got from the Friends of Manito sale last weekend.


The cucumbers are about done now. I just need to clear away the over-ripe fruit. Squash vines are withered except at the very ends. I have one large pumpkin, and that’s about ready to come down. One by one, I’ll be clearing my beds and scattering buckwheat for a cover crop. My hope is this will not only add nutrients but keep cats from digging where the vegetation is too thick.

I’ve put together enough dry beans from the Pencil Pod Black Wax to repay the Hillyard Seed Library for their loan in spring. Their pack had 12 seeds, and I’m returning 24. I feel good about that.

Jersey Wakefield cabbages did well for me this year. One of the heads split after a heavy rain, but the others came through. I started two mason jars of sauerkraut during the weekend. I might even be able to taste-test them tomorrow!

Indoor Forest

During the rainy Labor Day, I set out two of my Mexican Hats. Unfortunately, some critter came and mowed them both down. Fortunately, I still have one left. Guess I’d better let this one get a bit bigger before I try again.


Goldfinches are flocking to my sunflowers, as they do every year. I love hearing their little twitters as I work in the yard. I’ve also glimpsed a few hens in the yard across the alley. There are two black ones, one buff/orange, and one gray speckled. They’re smart chickens and keep their distance from strangers like me. I haven’t heard the rooster in several weeks, though. I wonder if the crowing got to be too much.

Until next week, enjoy the fruits of the season!


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