September 3, 2015


Is it really September so soon? Although we still have as much as six weeks of warm weather ahead, I can feel the chill in the evening. In the morning, there’s condensation on the car windshield — a harbinger of frost to come.

But not yet. For now, I enjoy the warm afternoons and the bounty around me.


Friends of Manito’s fall plant sale was a pleasure to attend. I took it easy on my wallet, buying only scotch moss, wooly thyme, hen-and-chicks and a new type of sedum with a pink tinge to the leaves.

Coming next is the Interstate Fair, where I’ll be entering some of my flowers. I’m tending my yarrow and coneflowers carefully, making sure they get plenty of water and watching the buds develop. I hope in the next two weeks I’ll get the perfect blossoms to form.


I scavenged a pallet that wasn’t too banged up, and I’ve been turning it into a planter I can hook onto my chain link fence. First a layer of black landscape plastic with drainage holes. Then two corrugated boxes, flattened, for stiffness. Today my husband helped me take out one slat and nail it across the bottom for extra support. The neighbor dogs have been very indignant at this intrusion, but I look forward to putting in soil and seeing how it comes together.


The cherry tomatoes continue to bear, but the others are looking fairly bare. With the cooler temperatures, I hope the other tomatoes will start to set fruit again. I haven’t got much corn, unfortunately, and I know there’s no rebloom, so that’s about done with. I did harvest a nice butternut squash today, and I have a large pumpkin that’s still quite green. Still getting carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and beets.

Indoor Forest

My tropical plants all got a nice drink and shower when it rained during the weekend. I have one or two outside during warm weather. It’s about time to bring them in for the year.

Three cheers for fall!


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