August 27, 2015


Wow, the fires! We have them every year, all over the west, but Washington and Idaho have been hit pretty hard. Spokane is safe, and I remind myself every day to be glad the fires are 90 miles or more away. But the wind is bringing us all the smoke, which dims daylight, turns the sun crimson, and irritates our eyes and sinuses. Last week, at the convention I attended, it was bad enough that visitors started call us “Smokane.”

Just a reminder, I guess, that Mother Nature is the one who’s really in control.


Friends of Manito Park has their fall plant sale this Saturday. It’s at the maintenance yard near Gaiser Conservatory, from 8 am to 3 pm. Not that I really need anything more for my yard, but who can resist good plants at great prices?


I’m not working on much right now, due to the summer heat, but I’m glad to say that my transplants from early August are holding their own. There’s only one clump of blue fescue I need to keep an eye on. The swamp milkweed I started from seed is green and perky.


Tomatoes and cucumbers continue bearing great bounty. The first ears of corn were small, but sweet. Lots of side shoots on the broccoli. I’ll be letting my beans mature now, so that I can have seeds to return to the library.

Indoor Forest

Mexican hats are small, but I should be able to set them out in a few more weeks.


Nothing to report. Hope the summer finds you well, and no fires near you. See you in a week!


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