June 25, 2015


Now that I’m on summer break, it’s bike season. I ride to keep my weight in check, and for relaxation. (Yes, really!) One thing I do while cycling along is take note of people’s yards. Some are much nicer than mine. Green and flowery and big vegetable gardens with cute towers for the tomatoes. They inspire me to keep trying with my own yard, which is a little rough at the edges but still full of color. And some…

How can I say this without judging?

Some get no maintenance at all. Dead weeds to knee height, or small trees crowding the entire yard. I worry a little about places like this. Is the resident too ill or frail to keep the place up? Maybe no one even lives there. At least I can take comfort that my raggedy yard is an improvement over some in the area.


As some parts of the country brace for storms, I’m bracing for a heat wave. Our forecast calls for temperatures over 100 this weekend. I’m preparing by giving all my lawn and plants a really good soaking. I hope the deep watering will help my green friendsĀ get through.

However, I know these temperatures will be the end of my lettuce. This morning I pulled out eight heads. Three I kept for my family, and five I took to Second Harvest.


The corn is growing taller, even while my first sunflowers have opened up. With some extra water, I’m hoping my tomatoes and squash will pull through the heat. Cucumbers and winter squash are vining out. I’m using velcro tape to help them climb one of my obelisks. One good thing about our season lengthening is that I might possibly get fruit on my melons. Previously, our growing season just wasn’t long enough for them.


I snagged the seed pods off my blue flax and they’re drying now so I can thresh out the seed. I’m also watching my California poppies for those seed pods to ripen. Later on, I’ll ride around and toss those onto some of the local embankments that currently are drab and boring.

Also, I did my final pick of cherries last weekend. They looked amazing, but I discovered most of them had worms. Let that be a lesson to me about waiting too long. After careful inspection, I dried a couple of trays in my oven and made the rest into pancake syrup.

Indoor Forest

Did my semi-monthly fertilization with miracle grow, both the house plants and the vegetables and flowers outside. The package is an old one and I just need to use it up. Then I’ll look for something more organic.


Other than a couple of stray dogs I persuaded to come out of the traffic, there isn’t much to report. But we plan to go to the lake this weekend and escape the heat, so maybe I’ll see some wildlife there.


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