June 18, 2015


Something strange has happened to my lawn. I noticed it was looking brown and crispy after our recent hot weather, but when I looked closely I realized it wasn’t the whole lawn that was dying. It was just the Chinese Clover. Not that I mind, exactly. Chinese Clover is one of my most hated weeds. But it was very strange to rake out great handfuls of dead clover last weekend.

Never one to waste an opportunity, I went to Northwest Seed and picked up a blend of grass seed. It’s 60% Bluegrass and 40% Red Fescue. If even a few seeds sprout, perhaps I can fill in the new openingsĀ before the next generation of Chinese Clover comes up.


School is out for my district. I have one more day currently scheduled, next Monday. Until then, I have a long list of gardening chores to catch up on.


I made another pass to take out dead tulip and daffodill stalks from 5 and 6. My Dark Towers penstemon is struggling to establish. Not surprising, since it is a pretty large plant. The red beardtongue is perfectly happy, however.

It seems like the yellow and red coneflowers I got last fall both fell prey to winter’s cold. Purple ones are coming up nicely, though. This fall, perhaps, I’ll divide my purple ones rather than try to add more.

Sadly, my Kittentails plant has withered away, despite being well watered and in a shaded location. If I tug gently the roots appear anchored, though. I hope the plant might put up new leaves when conditions are better.


The yarrow I started from seed have magenta/purple flowers instead of the peachy gold of my others. I think in the fall I’ll be moving them down beside the porch, rather than keeping them in the shallow flower beds.

For my first wave of Golden Bantam corn, I had planted them in a trench and mulched with lawn clippings. Now I’ve raked the dirt into the trench, giving support to the roots. Most of my corn fell over last year. I’m hoping this will keep that from happening again.


I need to get my last few cherries off the tree tomorrow. Then, in addition to the ones I froze, I think I’ll dry some and make juice with the rest. If I can find a good recipe, perhaps I’ll take a try at cherry syrup for pancakes. Lettuce, kale and snap peas continue producing well.


I’ve noticed a large fly hovering over my lavender, which is now in full bloom. It looks very much like a bumblebee, but I can tell it’s a fly because the wings stick out at an angle instead of folding straight back. I witnessed this fly diving down and pouncing on a small native bee. It hung on for a moment, then let go. I don’t know if it decided this wasn’t prey after all, or parasitized the bee in some way. I tell myself I should be glad that I have enough native bees to attract a predator.

Until next time, may your summer days be glorious!


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