June 4, 2015


It’s been an odd bummer of a week. I keep losing things. When I lost my hoodie, that was okay. It was getting a little threadbare. And when my reading glasses disappeared from my sweater pocket, I maintained. I buy inexpensive ones just for this reason.

But then, a really big loss — my garden journal. I had to take notes at a meeting, but somehow the journal didn’t get back in my car with me. The book I use to map out my garden, sketch ideas and plan projects. Where I record what I planted, when I planted, where in my yard, and how the harvest went. Probably ten years of data — gone.

Gardening can be like that. You work hard and trust nature, but sometimes the crop just doesn’t come through. Thing is, this loss is my own fault. That’s what I didn’t expect.


Friends of Manito Park is holding their spring plant sale on Saturday, June 6th. I’m hoping to pick up a few more penstemons or beardtongues. And, since my Milkweed seeds turned out to be Yarrow (how the heck did I do that?) I’ve been saving a spot for one of those, too.

There was also an iris show scheduled for Saturday, but due to an unusually warm spring it has been cancelled. The iris have already finished blooming.

We’ve also had the good fortune of a new garden shop opening near me. Green’s Greenhouse is a well known grower in Cheney, WA, who has added a shop in Hillyard. I’ve been there. It’s small but the plants are beautiful and the prices are fair.


Weeding goes on. Doesn’t it always? However, I’m pleased to report that the reel mower I got from American Lawn Mower continues to please. It really is quiet, and it’s light enough that I don’t have to struggle with it.


I have again been presented with random vegetables. This time it’s a Sungold tomato plant and an Ancho hot pepper. Before that, I got a six-pack of anonymous cabbages. Not sure where my husband is getting these, but more is better, right?

The second wave of Golden Bantam corn has been sprouting well. Once they get their second leaves, I’ll place them in Bed 7 along with the first wave. Unfortunately, this means some really nice sunflowers will have to go.

The Kosmonaut Volkov tomatoes and Marconi peppers are blooming, but I don’t think any fruit have started yet. Ironically, I suspect it’s been too warm for them to set. The blackberries are coming into bloom, while the cherries are starting to show their color.

On the floral side, my coneflowers are putting up stalks. I should have three colors — red, purple and white. Also, the lavender is just about to bloom. I adore the fragrance of lavender, so this is keenly awaited.


Almost too many things are ripening for me to keep track of. Salvia, California poppies, blue flax, columbines and gallardia are all thriving. In the case of my wildflowers, I plan to allow seed heads to form so I can collect for next year.

I have Sugar Snap peas nearly ready, plus two kinds of lettuce and strawberries.

Indoor Forest

The cuttings from my China Lake epiphyllum are all putting out new leaves. It’s about time for a transplant.


Lately I’ve noticed some large moths in my lawn. They fly away when I mow, though they never go far. They’re brown on the outside, but with bright orange under wings. Looking at pictures, I think they’re Yellow Underwings. Not a native species, but great to look at. I also have those little white grass moths in my lawn.

Until next time, do you know where your garden journal is??


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