May 28, 2015


Ah, the smell. No, not that smell! I mean the lovely scent of roses in bloom.

So many people garden for appearance only. Their landscapes feature exotic flowers or colorful foliage. I like those, but what’s the point of beautiful flowers without fragrance? To me, the ideal garden is a treat for all the senses. Not only the visual, but tactile touches of leaf and bark, a whispering breeze, a berry’s sweet burst — and yes, the fragrance of herbs and flowers.

Some people have allergies or asthma. I get that. I’m allergic to lilacs, yet I still enjoy the aroma from my neighbor’s lilac bushes. And when I ride up on my bike at the end of a day’s work and the fragrance of roses greets me… Paradise.


Art Fest is this weekend. This is a celebration of music, arts and crafts, sponsored by the Museum of Arts and Culture Northwest. Okay, it isn’t a garden show, though it does take place in a park. I plan to enjoy it all the same.


Now that the elm seeds have stopped snowing down, I begin the summer ritual of weeding them out before they set deep roots. Also, I continue to mulch my garden with lawn clippings and generally keep on top of the weeds.


Something ate my cucumber seedlings. I may have to just buy plants. On the positive side, my second seeding of onions, beets and carrots is taking off well. Pea vines are flowering, so there’s that to look forward to.

I’ve started taking a few of my herbs for drying, before the warm weather sends them to seed. I’m currently working on parsley, basil, sage and catnip. Oregano, rosemary and chives are waiting for room.

Indoor Forest

My large Croton has put out a huge bloom! It looks like a downward-drooping cone of small, star-like flowers. Very nice to see it. However, the plant itself has become a single tall stem with leaves only at the top. Any suggestions on how to rehabilitate it?


Some of my winter birds, like the Oregon juncos, have returned to wild lands. But some of my summer insects have returned. I’ve seen my leaf-cutter bees already nesting. Nobody is using my new bee house yet, but sometimes that takes a while.

Meanwhile, the annoying cats keep digging in my squash beds. Looks like I need to get the netting out now that my soaker hose is in place.

Until next time, may you be surrounded by sweet smells of summer!


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