May 21, 20415


May. Isn’t it the best? The world is so full of life. Tiny little sprouts are growing. Plants I set out are spreading to fill their space. Trees are fully in leaf. Flowers are in bloom. Lots of butterflies and bees are showing up.

Best of all, the days are getting longer. I can work outside in the cool evenings after a hot day. I can even enjoy seasonal thunder storms. In May, life is good.


For Memorial Day weekend, we plan to just chill at home. However, there is another plant sale coming up. Friends of Manito Park has their sale, to benefit park operations, on June 6th near Gaiser Conservatory.


This week I’m taking advantage of a free resource: lawn clippings. The dandelions are pretty much beaten, and the Japanese clover hasn’t set seed yet, so I’ve been spreading the clippings over my planting beds as mulch, and to continue building the soil.


I’ve gotten behind on a few things. It’s time to sprout the second batch of sweet corn! Perhaps a second wave of carrots, as well. Meantime, my cherry tree has cut about 1/3 of the fruit it had started. The rest continue to grow. I have strawberries growing, too.

Also, I mentioned about a month ago that my daughter gave me a “Bag o’ Garden” for my birthday. Of the nine plants, I have just four sprouting so far. Can’t say I’m terribly surprised. Who knew how long those poor roots were in there? Still, it’s sobering to have less than a 50% sprouting rate. I console myself that this leaves more space for other things during the summer.

It’s short this time, because those corn seeds are calling me. Hope you’ll all enjoy the bliss of May.


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