May 7, 2015


Did you know “wait” is a four-letter word? You put seeds in the ground and water well. Then waiting, waiting. Day after day the sun shines — but no sprouts!

Until today, that is. My bush beans, cucumbers and corn are starting to peep out at last. And I remind myself that nature always knows when the time is right.


Another long-awaited moment is my purchase of this year’s zonal geraniums. I know, all the rest of my yard is native plants, but I just can’t give up my geraniums. Fortunately, I’ve found a local high school that raises geraniums to sell the week before Mother’s Day. They’re a steal at $3 each and I support a future generation of floral and greenhouse professionals.

Also coming up is Garden Expo, organized by the Inland Empire Gardeners and held at Spokane Falls Community College. There are so many vendors with plants, tools, statues and decorations! I’m just dying that I don’t have as much money to spend as I would like. Top of my list for this year is a folding hand saw and perhaps a trowel from Lowell’s Tools. These tools are made in USA and I hope will not bend like the brand new trowel I was just given two weeks ago.

I also hope to score a scented geranium and some sweet peppers.


Yard work has focused on taking out the withered foliage from tulips and daffodills, letting some sunlight get onto the penstemon, coneflowers and other summer beauties. The blue flax and cranesbills are already blooming, with columbines and coral bells putting up their stalks.

But, as I mentioned, the serious work was weeding. I’m okay with a dandelion here and there, but it was getting ridiculous. My neighbor even came over to help out. (It was a little embarrassing, actually.)

As if that wasn’t enough, the annual elm snowstorm is in progress as little white seeds flutter gently down into my yard.


After a week of weather in the ’70s, I gave in and planted my tomatoes and peppers. Now I’ll have to really watch the weather. I also have those geraniums to harden off.

After a bit of concern about frost in mid-April, I can see cherries forming on my tree. Good tidings!

But, I’ve had to do a second seeding of kale and onions. I’m confident the rust flies didn’t get in through the cover cloth, but I’m afraid the soil stayed a bit too dry for good sprouting. So it goes.

Indoor Forest

The cuttings I took from my Mom’s epiphyllum have rooted. No new growth yet, but they’re looking green and plump.


A lot of the weeds, mentioned above, were bird seed that sprouted under the feeder. I think it might be time to clean that out until autumn. They’re wild birds, after all, and don’t need help finding food in the warmer months.

Other little garden buddies are starting to return for the summer. So far I’ve seen Gray Hairstreak and Fritillary butterflies, along with hover flies and small bumble bees.

Until next week, happy gardening!


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