April 23, 2015


Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I had taken out a couple of huge herb bushes from Bed 4, near the back door. I wondered if the lilies-of-the-valley I planted in there several yeas ago might be able to show their faces. Well, I’m glad to say — they did! Two delicate strands of blossoms have coiled upward, and four more are just emerging.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How patient nature can be. Those lily-of-the-valley roots have just been waiting down there, clinging to life and hoping for conditions to be right. This inspires me in so many ways.


The Earth Day Fair was lots of fun. My husband and I biked down and strolled the booths. In addition to the expected displays on electric cars and composting, a strong “protest alley” included displays opposing coal trains, fracking, and promoting worker’s rights. I even got a pot of shallots from the Democratic Party booth.

Up this weekend is the Master Gardeners fair, which will feature local gardening shops in addition to the composting booth. I have a short lists of plants to add to my yard, and I’m raring to go.

As a more personal event, my birthday was earlier this week. Someone gave my Dad, who isn’t a gardener, hand tools and a canvas bag. He passed them on to me, and I know they’ll be useful. My daughter bought a “garden in a bag” that includes bleeding hearts, astilbe, and a bunch more lilies-of-the-valley. Gosh, I think I have just the place for those!


Just for fun, I’ve put together a couple of left-overs in a new way. Two wire baskets, which once had coconut lining, now grace the ledges of my garage windows. I spent an afternoon at thrift stores, finding eclectic used flower pots. With the south facing of these windows, I expect my new herb garden to be fabulously shabby.


As we get closer to May 1st, I’m seeding some of my warmer season crops. Bush beans, cucumbers, summer squash, acorn squash and pumpkins are now germinating.

Indoor forest

I have a single epiphyllum, China Lake, started from one of my mother’s collection. One of the branches had started branching into skinny stems. I don’t think it was getting enough light. I’ve trimmed the stems off, making sure to leave roots on each. They’re now in soil, where I hope they’ll set roots. What will I do with six extra epiphyllums? That remains to be seen!

Until next time, I hope some forgotten friends are coming back to your garden, too!


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