April 16, 2015


My spring calender is burgeoning suddenly, just as leaves are suddenly bursting on the trees. Both Earth Day and Arbor Day fall in the same week this year. Earth Day is April 22nd and Arbor Day is April 24th. Community events are scheduled to celebrate both, and they start this weekend.

For Arbor Day, there’s a give-away of trees to Spokane City residents. The goal is to reduce storm water runoff, which sometimes causes sewage to overflow into the Spokane River. They also hope to mitigate the “heat island” effect of our paved surroundings. I won’t be doing this, as trees should not be planted on a whim, but it’s a great deal for those who have been wanting a tree but thought they couldn’t afford it.


April 17th – 18th is the free tree event. Several local nurseries have taken reservations for specific trees, but the public is welcome, too. Obviously, most of you won’t come to Spokane, but the chances are good there are similar events in your area. Try the National Arbor Day Foundation or your local county extension.

For Earth Day, there’s a community fair on April 18th in Riverfront Park. It features performances, demonstrations, and the annual Parade of Species. My husband and I will definitely bike down and check it out. All the info is right here.


As a follow-up to my quandary from last week, I did give in and buy the reel mower made by American Lawnmower. So far I’m very happy with how quiet it is. Mowing is quite a workout, but I’m sure the exercise is good for me.

Early April saw a return of chilly temperatures. I was a little worried when we had a moderate frost two nights ago, since my cherry tree is in full bloom. So far, it looks like we’ll be okay.


As warmer weather is now coming, I’ve potted up the coleus and foxgloves. They’re out in the greenhouse. If the warmer weather holds, those will be in the ground by May 1st.

In addition, I went over my garden and removed more cat by-products. Kale and several variety of lettuce are in the ground now.

Until next week, keep digging in the dirt!


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