April 9, 2015


I’m on the horns of a quandary. Earlier I mentioned that I plan to buy a reel mower. I’ve narrowed it down, but I’m stuck on choosing the right one. Sears has a Craftsman that comes with a grass catcher for just about $100. Craftsman has good standards of quality, but they’re made in China.

Ace has the same size that’s made in USA for $130 without a catcher. Since I need the catcher, it’s likely to be $160 at least for the US-made mower. This is my conflict. I’m a strong believer in buying US products to maintain our industries. But… but… it’s half as much more! Should I abandon my beliefs and follow the money? Should I save up and wait to buy the US-made mower?

Stay tuned for the answer to this burning question!


So far, it’s been a lucky year for me. Or maybe not luck, but good judgement. Even with an unexpected snow storm, everything I transplanted is still alive and well. Okay, they’re wildflowers, which are a bit tougher over all. But I’m the one who chose wildflowers. Let’s call that good judgement.


Sadly, what I thought was frost damage to my asparagus may be a fungus. Most of the spears are withered. Formerly large spears are coming skinnier and skinnier, which suggests the roots are under stress. I’ve dug out a recipe for an anti-fungal drench with garlic and baking soda. It looks like rain at the moment, but I’ll apply that when conditions are better.

On the other hand, the seeds I started in my vegetable garden are popping up. I have carrots, beets, radish, spinach and snap peas. Still waiting on the onions, but I know there’s time yet.

There’s a mystery plant I’m trying to identify. The seed package said it was Asclepias splendens, showy milkweed. However, the leaves don’t look like milkweed. They’re lacy, like yarrow (Achillea). I don’t know if I should add them to my yarrow patch, or what.

Indoor Forest

I have this one spider plant, which my cats got to and mowed it down. It’s been under lights to help it recover. Finally it’s starting to put out those dangling vines again. I’m looking for a place to hang it — out of the cats’ reach!

And the parsley is sprouting. Just one so far, but how much parsley do I need, anyway?


Yes, spring is really here. I can tell, because insect life is starting to appear. I’ve seen my first butterfly, a cabbage white, my first bumblebee, and a healthy-looking ladybug. Songs from house finches, juncos, and northern flickers are audible in my yard. Interestingly enough, I don’t hear much from the robins.

I’d love to hear from some of you guys, though. What’s growing on in your garden?


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