April 2, 2015


The Internet is both boon and bane, for me. A boon because I can research ideas and see good pictures of plants I’m considering for my yard. A bane because I continue to discover great shopping sites and catalogs that tempt me to alter my plans. If I keep altering my plans, I’ll never get anything done.

Besides, I have a full schedule of garden shows to go to this spring. I need to leave myself things to buy there. But sometimes it’s so hard!


Coming up this month, there’s an Earth Day fair scheduled for April 18th in my home town’s heart: Riverfront Park. The following weekend, Spokane County Master Gardeners have their garden show at the County Extension Office. Now you know what I’m hoarding my pennies for.


Speaking of plans being altered… The work I had in mind for the eastern side yard is on hold. The neighbors are planning to build a 6′ tall fence. Also, my husband has his own ideas for the space. I’m going to wait until either of them actually do their plans, and see what the new shade patterns look like after they have. So for now, I wait.

But I did manage to shock my husband when I let him know I’m saving up to buy a reel mower. The old gas mower is really heavy and noisy. I’m a slight woman to begin with, and I’m getting older, so I’d love to have a mower that’s easier to handle. I’ve also been bothered more by noise lately. Seems every time I get a nice bird song to listen to, one of the nearby houses starts up some roaring machine. I’ll do whatever I can to reclaim a bit of quiet.


Jersey Knight asparagus has come up in Bed 2, and the spears are delicious! Unfortunately our colder mornings have done some frost damage, but I know the plants will be fine. In the main vegetable garden, the Dragon radishes I had seeded are starting to appear, too. I need to get some fabric over them before the maggot flies find them.

Indoor Forest

As more of my starts move to the greenhouse, the regular house plants are starting to come back under the light. My next-to-last inside seed was a Black Cherry tomato. It’s up and growing. Next week I expect to be potting it up. The only thing I’m still waiting for is the parsley, and I know parsley takes its own sweet time.


As the weather gets more spring-like, I’ve been taking walks along the Spokane River. I’ve seen magpies, bald eagles, quail and cute little brown rabbits. I’ve heard two meadowlarks singing for territory on opposite sides of the river. I’ve also seen lightning, and hail, and heard thunder booming. It’s almost like nature’s alarm clock.

Until next week, I hope nature won’t alter your plans too much!


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