March 5, 2015


Part of how I’m getting through the last few weeks of winter is to read. Not so much for inspiration, as I pretty much know what I want my yard to look like. It’s more a matter of finding new tools and techniques in my search for a more sustainable garden. One book I really enjoyed is The Landscaping Revolution, by Andy and Sally Wasowski. The subtitle, “Garden With Mother Nature, Not Against Her,” pretty much tells you what this book is about. The authors advocate for replacing lawns with native plants and using a natural style. They give good reasons, from the financial (spend less on lawn care) to the philosophical (choosing a simpler way of life).

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know they were preaching to the choir with me. I’ve been focused on bringing native plants, insects and birds to my suburban yard for the past few years. What I really enjoyed was knowing that I’m not alone in my native bee obsession, but in fact am in line with many others. The lists of recommended plants were interesting, but I think I’d still check with my local County Extension if I can’t figure out what plants I need.


Spokane Public Libraries continues their Get In The Garden workshop series. Growing Home Fruit and Berries will be at the East Side Branch at 10:30 a.m. on March 7th. Propagating from Seeds and Cuttings will be at the Hillyard Branch on March 10th at 6:30 p.m.


The warmer weather in my region has offered perfect opportunities to get out and prune my cherry tree. I’ve been hedging, but I know I just need to get out there and do it. Maybe I’ll get one of those wire frames and see if cherry stems can make a good wreath.


Unfortunately, I’ve had a few of my cabbage and broccoli starts wither in the pot. I figure I’ll try again with different pots and soil. Perhaps I’ll seed a few greens like arugula or spinach into the failed pots. If they also die, I’ll dispose of the pots entirely.

In my second planting, last weekend, I already have a few sprouts of the Kosmonaut Volkov tomatoes. Nothing from the peppers yet, but I know they usually take longer.


I disinfected my bee house as planned by soaking it in bleach water. It’s now drying on a window sill. Next step will be to make new paper sleeves and install them in the holes.

For those of you in the East Coast of the USA, I hope winter will ease up for you soon. See you in a week.


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