February 26, 2015


I recently found a present that I hid for myself several yeas ago. Not that I meant to hide it. A friend of mine asked for some of my sunflower heads, so she could save the seeds and plant them in her yard. I gladly did that, but had about 7 heads left over, which I stuck in a box and forgot about.

Until last week, when I was tidying up to make room for my potted-up sprouts. Bonanza! I spent a few days harvesting seeds at odd moments, and gathered roughly 8 oz. of small, white sunflower seeds. I donated 1 oz. to my local seed library and have been taking the rest around, scattering them as part of my personal beautification project.

I don’t know if the seeds will sprout, as they’re several years old. But if they do? It will look amazing!


Spent a lovely afternoon removing cat byproducts from my porch flower boxes, then placed bird netting over them. Then I scattered buckwheat as a cover crop and I’ve been keeping them damp since. So far, physical barriers like netting are my most successful strategy for keeping the neighbors’ furry friends at bay. I’m hoping a cover crop will double as barrier I can turn under to enrich the soil.


Roots were growing out the bottoms of the peat pellets, so I potted up my first save of sprouts. They all look happy with their nice fresh soil. My second wave of starts (tomatoes and peppers) will go in this weekend on a heated pad.

Indoor Forest

Also, I potted up my little bay laurel and a large ponytail palm that I’ve had at least 20 years. There’s an elephant-ear type philodendron that may need potting, if I can find a suitable container. I still have potting soil left, but maybe I’ll save it for potting up my second wave of starts, which will be happening next weekend.


I have officially seen the first robin of the year in my own yard. It joined the finches and Oregon juncos at the bird bath.

Here’s looking forward to more birds and bugs as spring begins to unfold!


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