January 22, 2015

This is bad. I was sure I had set this blog up to post last Thursday, but here it sits. So without further ado…


Where do you get information and ideas for your garden? If you’re like me, the best source is other people. Of course, my first introduction and tutelage were at my mother’s knee. We always had roses and vegetables in our California yard. My Grandfather pruned the roses, while Mom showed me a few things even though I wasn’t paying much attention at that stage.

Later I was part of a community garden, where I was the youngest participant and probably the only US-born. All the other gardeners were Grandmas and Grandpas from Ukraine, Bosnia, and similar former Soviet countries. Even with a significant language barrier, they taught me a whole lot. I did my best to repay them by sharing seed and starts from my thornless blackberries, which they lusted after.

Then there are books. In a do-it-yourself vein, I have one of those Jerry Baker books that encourage making your own concoctions to control pests and such. The standard Western Garden Book from Sunset Magazine, although mine is a few years old now. For Christmas, my son recently gave me a weighty Garden Encyclopedia which I find a bit disorganized but still quite useful.

In media, I regularly watch a show on PBS called Growing a Greener World. It’s my version of Saturday morning cartoons. This show is more inspiring, as it tends to feature huge glossy estates, but there’s also coverage of community action and that’s what keeps me coming back. I also know of a gardening talk show on NPR, but haven’t found time to check that out yet.

And, of course, I’m always getting ideas from fellow bloggers. So — thanks, everyone!


I’m in trouble. Not only did I find the usual garden shows and plant sales on the local calendar, but there’s an actual symposium in March. I’ve never been to a gardening symposium! I’ll have to look ahead at what our expenses may be, and see if I can fit this in.


Only thing going on here is that my husband took our defrocked Christmas tree and stuck it in the middle of my rose bushes, right near the bird bath and feeder. Weirdly enough, I kind of like it there. My bird visitors will have a hiding place when the neighborhood cats come prowling.


All my wildflowers have popped up except for the penstemon. Looking carefully at the package, I realized I was supposed to stratify those before planting. So the stratifying has begun. I’ve also now seeded my earliest vegetables, like Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage and DeCicco broccoli. And I’m getting a way early start of my mini-peppers, which didn’t thrive at all last year.


Feeder activity has slowed considerably. I guess they don’t like the seed I have in there. I hate to waste it, but I guess I’ll have to switch out soon. That, or look around birding blogs for a recipe to make your own seed mix. Hmmm…

Until next week, stay warm and dream of sunny days.


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