November 9, 2014

Somewhat to my surprise, I found more to blog about!

Turns out I’m running an informal experiment with compost this year. According to scientific practice, my experiment begins with a theory. My theory is that if you top-dress with compost, leaves, lawn clippings, etc. then you won’t have to dig in as much organic material in the spring. The tiny creatures of the soil will drag it down into their burrows and munch at their leisure.

To conduct this experiment, I began by mowing my lawn so that I ended up with a catcher full of mixed grass and chopped leaves. I spread this on top of the soil in Bed 7, right near the driveway, and on the south end of my vegetable garden. Subsequently, when leaves really began to fall from my cherry tree, I spread those on the north end of the vegetable garden.

Because whole leaves can blow around, I covered them with bird netting and an old piece of floating row cover (a.k.a. Remay). As a bonus, the netting should keep the neighborhood kitties from abusing my garden as much.

Now I wait and let nature do its thing. Every month or so I’ll check how things look. By next March, I should be able to let you know how it turned out.

I moved my bird feeder to the back fence, right near the bird bath. After several hopeful days, I saw visitors! So far I’ve seen house finches, gold finches, and the ubiquitous sparrows. Very gratifying.

Only problem? It’s in an exposed location, so our recent rains have dampened the seed. Don’t want to poison my new friends with moldy seed, so I’m pondering how to place a hood of some sort, to keep the seed dry.

As the holidays approach, and things get hectic, I hope you’ll all take a little time to enjoy the peace nature gives us.


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