October 23, 2014

The last step for my Year-In-Review is actually to look ahead and plan projects for next year’s garden.

I went through my seeds and took out the packs that are more than three years old. Also a few I just didn’t like, such as the Chinese cabbage. But, never fear, those tiny morsels of life will not go to waste. I donated them to a local elementary school that has a garden club.

In early January, I will go through my seeds and start sketching out my garden, and with that I will buy seeds for 2015. I’ll also see what I can borrow from my local Seed Library.

I’m keeping my eyes open for an interesting bench or garden sculpture to nestle among my asparagus in Bed 2. The neighbor’s apple tree shades that spot on hot summer afternoons.

The bird feeder, which has been in my cherry tree at the front of the house, needs to be moved to the back yard somewhere. If I can see the thing, I won’t forget to refill it. Not as often, anyhow.

I have to cut down the last of my sunflowers. As I do this, I’m collecting some of the mid-sized stems and letting them dry. Then, I have an idea for a bee house I’d like to try making.

Some of the bricks I’ve been using as stepping stones in my main garden are starting to disintegrate. I need to get better stepping stones next year. More immediately, I need to lay down bird netting over the beds, so the neighborhood cats won’t pollute it too much.

Basically, though, I’m done for the year. Halloween is almost here, and it’s about time to think of Christmas shopping. This blog will be on hiatus until at least January. Until then, I wish you beautiful dreams for next year’s planting.


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