September 4, 2014

My favorite exercise besides gardening is riding my bike around town. As I go, I notice how many people have fruit trees in their back yards. Apples are a big favorite, but I also see a few cherry and peach trees. Although some of the fruit trees appear well tended, many are badly neglected. I saw one peach tree groaning with fruit that went unpicked. Boy, was I tempted to raid that tree!

Trees are beautiful. They add shade and interest to any landscape. Not to mention the delicious fruit that’s your reward for just a little maintenance.

Perhaps you have a fruit tree in your yard that you’ve been ignoring. Maybe it’s left over from some former owner’s half-finished plan. You might not want the fruit for yourself, but maybe someone else could really use it. Some local food banks have gleaning services, where they send crews to salvage fruit from backyard trees.

Think about it — and share the fruits of your land with those in need.

This weekend, the Friends of Manito Park are having their fall plant sale. It’s Saturday, September 6, 2014 in the Gaiser Conservatory area. Open to Friends of Manito members at 8 am and to the public at 9 am. All kinds of plants, indoor, tropical, native, annual or perennial, even a few trees and shrubs. All proceeds support park programs.

The following day, September 7, is Spokefest. Yes, it’s a festival of all things bike! The day includes a Bicycle Safety Rodeo and group rides of several distances. Adults are $20 and kids are $15.

It’s time to get serious about transplanting my perennials. I also need to take out a few non-native plants such as oriental poppies and English daisies. Perhaps I’ll find some native plants at the Friends of Manito sale.

At the same time, I need to start taking out things like my kale, which is badly infested with aphids. So much to clear, so little time!

I got my first batch of green beans off the vine. Delicious! Tomatoes and pumpkins are growing strong in the milder weather.

Indoor Garden
Alas, my husband was sanding the window sills and he broke a pot with catnip growing in it. The pot vibrated right off the ledge. It was one my son gave me for Mother’s Day years ago, with a little hand print on it. I’m gluing it back together, but I know it won’t be the same.

Another plant I hope to add this year is milkweed — food for Monarch butterflies and many more creatures besides.

Until next week — keep digging in the dirt!


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