August 14, 2014

Nature has been a little closer and more personal that I’d like this week. Why? One of the menfolks left some banana peels in an open trash can… for a week or two. Finally I gave in and took the trash out, but with a cloud of fruit flies escaping all along the way.

Of course, they took up residence in the kitchen. Not that they’re really harmful, but the concept of bitty little flies all over my kitchen just won’t do. Traps are deployed, and I’m thinking bananas might have to be off my shopping list until I catch ’em all.

P.S. — Menfolks!

The extreme heat has given way to thunder storms. And a haboob (dust storm) to go with them. At least we had a decent rain to wash the dust and smoke out of the atmosphere.

Nothing to report here. The hot weather caused my baby pumpkin to wither and my tomatoes won’t set any more fruit until the night-time low is under sixty degrees.

Despite the sunburn of my blackberries, I did can 4 pints of cherry/blackberry jam. My mother-in-law says it’s delicious. I’ve also had a small but tasty sweet pepper, and the first few Cosmonaut Volkov tomatoes were amazing.

Indoor Garden
The sedum I got never did recover from my cat gnawing on it. Sigh. Have to try a different one next time. One that doesn’t look so tasty to my cat.

I got a surprise in my garden this morning. Honey bees were hovering around my corn tassels. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, since I know the tassels produce pollen. It just hadn’t occurred to me that bees might visit tassels the way they do flowers.

I also saw another new butterfly, but once again it was difficult to identify. It could be a Woodland Skipper or a member of the Crescent family.

Until next week, may your garden surprise you!


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