June 19, 2014

This is a magical time of year. The rain has passed, at least for now, and we have warm days to look forward to. Midsummer approaches, with long evenings to relax outside.

Ironically, I will not be relaxing once I finish this blog post. Those cherries I mentioned? They’re ripe. Birds are taking their share, but I don’t mind so much. It’s a great crop this year. And I need to go pick them.

This morning before work I spent a few minutes looking at recipes, trying to decide what I should make with my cherries. Cherry pie? Perhaps cherry syrup for pancakes or ice cream. I won’t know until I gather them in.

PS — Choices like this are what gardeners live for.

One down side to my cherry tree is the multitude of suckers growing from the roots. They’re all over my lawn. Sometime I really need to dig up those roots.

One of my Table Queen acorn squash sprouted, then was chewed off. Same with one of my Homemade Pickle cucumbers. None of the Bourbon cucumbers, which is the seed I borrowed from the Seed Library, have emerged yet. A few of my Bantam corn also need to be replanted.

On the other hand, my peas have grown tall enough that I need additional support on the trellis, and the first blossoms are appearing. After cherries, fresh snap peas are my favorite garden treat!

After some struggle, I’m happy to say that my broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are starting to pick up the pace. I wasn’t sure I’d get anything out of them this year.

Kale and lettuce are in full force, and I have strawberries in addition to cherries. Onions are ready whenever I want scallions.

Indoor Forest
Well, heck. My cats got into the plant stand and chewed off a stem from my brand new sedum. Bad kitty! I’ve put the stem it in a pot of soil to see if I can get a second sedum out of the deal.

I have heard, but not seen, robins and finches this week. That’s good news, since one of my goals was to get house finches and goldfinches into my yard. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye out.

Until next week, may your Midsummer be magical.


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