May 15, 2014

So, yesterday. My son announced he’s dropping out of college because, strangely enough, partying all night doesn’t help get your homework done. Then I went to my afternoon sub call (I’m a school secretary and classroom aide) and arrived at the wrong school. While calling the right school to apologize, I found out I’d locked my keys in the car! AAA came quickly, bless them, but I was still an hour late. And I hate, hate, hate to be late!

So as soon as my shift was done, I headed to the nearby Manito Park, which has a wonderful Japanese garden. I listened to the wind in the pines and watched the koi drift by. Sometimes, the only thing that helps is a garden.

PS — Then I went home and told my son he has to get a job.

Garden Expo was last weekend. What a day! It’s the most amazing garden show in Spokane. You’ve never seen so much yard art and so many plants of every kind imaginable. I got Kentucky Colonel mint, Serrata basil and Lace-Leaf cilantro from The Herb Garden, Orange Blaze sweet peppers from Entropy Farms, and an Early Jalapeno from The Tomato Lady. What I saw but forgot to go back to was a hardware booth with tools made in the USA. I’ll have to do some research and find out who that was, so I can visit their physical store. My plastic leaf rake is begging to be replaced.

Last weekend was also my planting weekend. I put out four Kosmonaut Volkov tomatoes that I’d started indoors, plus one basic cherry tomato and the peppers I bought at Garden Expo. The weather has warmed considerably, but everyone seems to be thriving in their new homes.

In addition, I’ve transplanted some of my lettuce and Chinese cabbage to their permanent beds. This weekend, I’ll probably start my second set of corn in the vacant spaces.

So far only one of the cauliflower I planted has come up. None of the broccoli or cabbage have emerged. Don’t you hate the waiting?

On the other hand, I’ve had a nice surprise with the Blue Flax that re-seeded itself last fall. I have dozens of little feathery plants coming up in that bed. I plan to move a few of them into another bed to spread the love.

In addition, the white clover I overseeded last summer has come into bloom. I enjoy seeing those white puffs in my lawn and knowing they aren’t dandelions.

I made my first salad with home grown greens. Arugula, three kinds of baby lettuce, plus a few sprigs of dill, basil and mint. Drop a couple of strawberry slices on top, shred some parmesan, and you can’t believe the flavors!

Indoor Forest
Now that my tomatoes and peppers are outside, I can put some of my other house plants back where they usually go. Last time, I think I mentioned my cats like to eat plants. They love anything with long, skinny leaves. I cope with this by choosing inside plants with round, thick leaves. Succulents, especially. So my Christmas Cactus and Hen-And-Chicks are back under the lights now.

Sightings this week include hover flies and a bumblebee. I’m not sure what kind, but she was medium sized and golden brown. I’ll be checking the Xerxes Society web site trying to identify her species. I also heard a quail crowing, but didn’t catch sight of it.

Until next week, keep digging!


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